Rainstorms and Claptraps

I love how the air smells after a rain. It’s even better in the summer months. Everything just smells so fresh and so clean. It’s probably my favorite type of weather/time to go outside. Luckily it’s rainy all week so I have much to look forward to.

I think one of the most interesting articles I read recently is this marriage proposal. None can really deny the adorable robot that is CL4P-TP, otherwise known by his local alias of Claptrap! The fact that gearbox had the time to help the groom with this, and that his message actually reached someone who could do something about it is pretty awesome to me. I think the venue for the way it was presented could have been done better, but I’m not one for proposals with a ton of people. Either way, very cute. I can only hope that when I propose, I’m able to come up with something unique and memorable.

PSN-gate continues, and it has even drawn the attention of state senators. I think the most negatively affected by this massive outage is probably the indie developers. They rely on online storefronts such as PSN, Steam, and XBox Marketplace for a cheap method of distribution.¬† There’s even a class action lawsuit against Sony because of the downtime and personal data stolen. Oh well, at least one good thing I got out of this is 1 free week of HuluPlus. Time for me to change my passwords!

But the password change is due. Maybe I’ll try out LastPass like my buddy Chris uses. Regardless, everyone should always remember proper password design security.

New South Park is now!

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