It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down On Friday

The weather has been so wonderful lately. I love it. 55-75°F is my ideal temperature range. It’s been lovely out. I am really looking forward to summer. It’s a shame I’m spending a lot of time inside my office right now though. Today was officially my last day of classroom based education. I turned in my final project, and all that’s left is my thesis which I have to start busting my butt on so I can finish it by end of May. Then I’m done, and I will hopefully be employed somewhere.

This whole PSN outage outrage has got to stop. I think overall Sony is doing a good job not half-assing the recovery process. Of course people will say “they should have not half-assed the security that got them hacked in the first place” but who are they to comment on the security of Sony’s system. Do they have knowledge of how it was designed? How much work the hackers had to do? Do they have a better solution? It’s just irritating to me when people comment on things that they really have no expertise to comment about as strongly as they do. Sure this whole situation sucks, but I think the biggest fault Sony has made is not contacting the customers often or fast enough.

Also, people that keep freaking out about credit card information stolen. It’s been stated that credit card info wasn’t necessarily taken, and on top of that no CVV2 codes were taken. And given that I JUST purchased something online and it required me to enter the CVV2 code, I’m not too worried. Also I keep a good monitor on my statements online, so if something is awry I’ll know very soon, dispute the charges, and cancel the card and get a new one.

The amount of help Sony has gotten for investigating this is ridiculous though. I hope they find the perpetrator.

On less depressing news, I beat Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. Boss battle was heavily reliant on luck, but skill had a place there. I love puzzle games. I’ve been debating whether to get puzzle quest/puzzle quest 2 on PSN/Steam respectively. But until then, I got the X-COM collection to entertain me. Though I think I’m going to try to finish Dragon Age 2 this weekend. If anyone wants to play Magicka, let me know.

Fairly boring blog post. Until something more exciting happens. Oh, I guess I’ll post this for my Chinese understanding compatriots.

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