It’s About Time

What a lazy Saturday. I love it. I started playing Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 again. May also start the Sims 3 if I tire of being an awesome Tycoon. I like games where I can build stuff, then just let it run while I get more money to build more things. That’s the problem with the Sims 3 for me. The sims themselves require a lot of micro-ing that I don’t want to deal with. I just want him to wake up, go to work, then earn more money so I can build a cooler house.

Looks like the PSN is going to be put back up. There’s a lot of technical stuff in there that I don’t really understand, so I’ll have to defer to my friend Chris to take a look at it and let me know how much of it is bullshit and how much of it SHOULD HAVE been done before this all happened. Especially for a corporation as large as Sony, it seems like maybe these measures should have been put into place a while ago. Anyways, after he looks at it I’ll update my opinion on here. But on the plus side it’s nice to see them compensating us for the week of downtime. Another free month of PSPlus? Sure why not (I got 3 months free when I got the 1 year subscription). Also a free movie/tv show is also welcome, not to mention the free week of Hulu Plus that I already got. Given that none of this really affected my gaming, other than playing Portal 2 with a couple friends, I declare this a win.

Apparently Justin Bieber is branching out. Since when was he touring with Chris Brown. There are some other videos of this, but you can’t hear anything cause of the thousands of pre-pubescent girls screaming. Not bad, he’s getting to the point where he’s so popular that he can do whatever the hell he wants. I think he has some sort of purity ring shennanigan going on like the Jonas Brothers or something, otherwise he’s probably getting all sorts of sex if he’s chillun with Chris Brown. Also you can totally tell his voice has changed, which is really to his favor.

Weekend’s almost over. 😦

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