Video Games on Ice

As I’m sure everyone in the country now knows, Osama Bin-Laden is dead. Thanks to the Navy, the ringleader behind the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks has been put to rest. Doesn’t he have like 8 sons or something to take up his legacy/thirst for revenge? Meh I’m sure we’ll be fine. Ironically, this all comes while the PSN has been down for 12 days. Clearly our armed forces are too busy playing Call of Duty/Battlefield on their PS3s. (That was a joke, please don’t assassinate me. Well I suppose it’d be murder, I’m not important enough to be assassinated.) Imagine what would happen if the PSN were down longer, maybe we’d cure AIDS or Cancer. 😀 In all seriousness, this is a triumph for our country and the people.

Obama has a pretty good sense of humor, and is taking this Donald Trump onslaught pretty well. Though this all does look a little familiar.

It’s always nice to see the intersection of video games and sports. Yes, figure skating is technically a sport. The next logical step would be to make a Mario on Ice production! I mean we’ve had Disney on Ice, Sesame Street on Ice, why not Mario on Ice? or Zelda on Ice? Then again I suppose a successful video game movie should be made before we consider transplanting it into figure skating format. Who knows, maybe the “on ice” versions will be more successful than their silver screen counterparts.

Seriously, when is Diablo 3 gonna come out. I’ve almost forgotten the story to the first two. I guess I could play them again. Okay I haven’t forgotten the story of the 2nd one. Given how many times I’ve gone through that storyline, but I never REALLY played through the first Diablo. Maybe it was the abundance of trainers or hacks that were available for it, but massacring things (and other players in town) was more entertaining to me than going through the dingy dungeons of Diablo when I was 12. I suppose I could play it again…or I could just watch this.

Doing pretty well with regular posts. *pat on back*

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