Spring is in full swing

Everything is over! and Tomorrow I’m making baked Alaska with my cousin! That will either be awesome or disastrous. Gotta bust my butt on research next week. I want my thesis done in a couple weeks. Work has been going awesome. I love it there. I hope they hire me.

Rock Band is getting some awesome songs soon. Since MTV sold the company, they haven’t really had any buyers, but at least they’re still coming out with good music.

I want a cool house like this when I grow up. Okay maybe not when I grow up, but I think redecorating a small space would be cool. I don’t really use a lot of room I realize. Just need like a large main room for socializing/gaming. I could totally sleep in the same room, just need the kitchen in a different area and maybe another large room to socialize in. All I know is I just want my house to have some cool feature. Maybe some solar panels, or some sort of green feature.

I told myself I wasn’t going to talk about this anymore but I feel that I must comment on a few things. First of all, I completely agree with this internationally renowned security expert. I think regardless of how complex your security system is, if someone is bent on getting in, they’re going to get in. I think there’s a lot you can do to deter or hinder it so it’s not as easy for the hacker, but if they are intent on getting in (as I assume those who hacked Sony were) nothing is going to stop them. It’s justĀ  a matter of time. That said, there have been some disturbing rumors about the state of Sony’s network security at the time of the hack. While I find it hard to believe that a company as large as Sony could have basically left the backdoor to their house unlocked, and not only unlocked but wide open, it seems that they fucked up more. The first being the huge communication delay to customers which Sony says is because they were verifying the damage caused by the hack. So I’m not really as mad about that as everyone else is. Clearly something happened that caused them to take down the PSN completely. That should send a red flag to any normal person that “hmm this could be a hack or some stolen information, time to change passwords” (which is what I did). But I’m not sure if I’d be more mad if they told me they thought it was one thing, and then 2 days later they were like “surprise we were wrong it’s actually this”. Though I think they could’ve just said they were hacked period earlier.

Happy Friday! I know everyone wants to party. cause it’s Friday Friday, gotta get down on Friday.

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