Hot and Sticky

I forgot how much I hate humidity. But it was a beautiful 83 degrees out today. And I was lucky enough to be able to frolic amidst the sunshine. Been keeping busy, but even more so now that I picked up my cousin from the airport today. She came from Taiwan to study a Master’s at University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne. Should be plenty of fun for our group of cousins and friends. Yet another one is over for fun and games.

So the PSN is still out. There’s been evidence to suggest the web server was up to date and such. So much bitching still, and actually a lot of people that are “unable to survive” without the PS3. It really makes me chuckle at how inept some people are without multiplayer. Brink has been a lot of fun. It reminds me if MAG and Resistance 2 had a baby. Plus the art style is pretty good. Story isn’t super original, but I do like it. A more full review will hopefully follow when I get to play it more.

So I realize I’ve been getting games faster than I can play them. So I have a huge backlog of games that I fear will never get played. I’ve made a resolution to not buy a game right when it comes out just cause I am very interested in it. What inevitably happens is that I play it for 2-3 weeks, then put it down in favor of another. Then no game actually gets finished because the cycle simply repeats. Plus there’s no reason to keep getting them at release, especially since a lot of my friends aren’t getting them, so I just end up playing with strangers. As much as I love strangers, I don’t love them enough to pay 60 bucks a month.

More beautiful weather, and more delightful thunderstorms coming up. I can’t wait.

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