Hermit me up

Red Chili Salmon Burger
Megan and her lunch at the Flytrap

Twin came to visit while she was in town for a wedding, and that’s been fun. We went to the Flytrap to eat today, and as always it was delicious. Sadly she is gone now, but will be back on Friday before she’s back to TN. We made wontons to eat for dinner yesterday and that was pretty delicious. It’s always great to see her, we are both crazy. 🙂

The weather is brightening up, after being super cold the last couple days. This is pretty nice. Sadly I have insane relatives and that’s really starting to tax my patience and sanity. I just want to go live in a cave (that is furnished with some sort of electrical outlets and internet connection) and only people that know the secret phrase can get in.

My Lunch at FlyTrap
My Lunch Today at FlyTrap

So the PSN is back up and boy do we get a lot of compensation. Too bad I already own all of those PS3 games. Oh well, at least 2 free months of PS Plus will be nice, Especially since I got 3 free months from being an early adopter. Overall I can’t say I was too affected by the outage. I managed to finish Dragon Age 2, and have started working on Assassin’s Creed 2 so my twin can borrow it when she’s done with AC1.

I hope you guys are prepared for the rapture. It’s coming sooner than expected. I’m starting to get sick of these end of the world plots. That’s right I said plots, it’s clearly some cock-a-manie scheme to rid weak-minded fools of their money and wills. If the world is ending, then there really isn’t too much we can do about it now is there? Might as well accept it with some grace.

Overall it’s been a fun and frustrating last few days. Let’s hope the week gets better.

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