Summer Storms

So I love rain. Both during and after. I suppose I also like the ominous feeling of impending rain as well. Today was no exception. I went to order food at No Thai and while I was waiting I could tell the rain was coming. As I received the oblation for my murmuring belly, it began a torrential shower unlike any this year. It was almost a literal wall of water, and I was ecstatic to walk to my car in it. I walked maybe 10 feet to my car, only to have my t-shirt soaked. It was crazy awesome. Also the rain stopped as I was pulling out of the parking lot, but not 30 feet away people were still getting showered. That was probably one of the more interesting things I”ve seen.

It’s nice to see the end of the world came and went yet again. I suppose we’ll just have to wait for the next apocalypse for an excuse to party like there’s no tomorrow. I always wonder what the people who predict these events think after they come and go. Who’s up for a party on December 20th, 2012?

Facebook seems to be  causing a different sort of problem these days. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think what she said was intelligent or otherwise serious. But I think something like that is a matter for personal discipline. But I also think suspensions are stupid. In-School suspensions where they can be monitored seems like a more useful idea although more resource intensive. Either way, this reminds me of when people get fired from their Facebook because they have a picture of them drinking. Information age is causing a whole new slew of problems.

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