Travels and Farms

the Prairie State
Driving in the Prairie State

Welcome! The Prairie State is where I type my blog post today. My posts have been rather intermittent this week, but I will hopefully be able to continue my forays into the world wide web with the few of you that suffer through my written regurgitation.

Today we drove to Champaign, IL in order to help my cousin Connie settle into her new surroundings. Translation: we were manual labor to get her plethora of things (a large part of which was a metric ton of books that will likely go largely unused) and knick-knacks to her quaint little room. The 6 hour drive flew by quickly, but there was a torrential downpour about 30 minutes from our destination. It was quite exciting. I was very disappointed that I was unable to capture the newly formed ponds, on digital film, that were roads merely moments ago. We did eat at a delicious BBQ Bar/Pub that I will review tomorrow.

Just arrived!
A room in much need of organization.

I know a lot of you enjoy taking a walk on the wild side. So here are some tips in case you find yourself faced with an explosion. Remember to run like hell in the opposite direction of the explosion wave. Do not hide behind stuff, sure you may escape the fiery ball of death that is chasing after you, but the invisible wave of pressure is gonna getcha. Sadly the fleshy sacks that we call bodies don’t really deal will with discontinuous changes in pressure (obviously nothing can change instantly, but for all intents and purposes it’s basically a discontinuity in pressure before and after the wave). Bottom line: Don’t play with large explosions.

If I want to go into space, it will be to live on a floating space station that is the mercantile epicenter of our galaxy. I may not have watched this show enough to actually say that, but Voyager was pretty awesome. Either way, if I ever have $200,000 in spare throw-away cash I think I will find a better way to spend it than giving myself a massive dose of radiation. Growing 1 inch from being weightless sounds cool though.

Anyways, hope you are all having a great Memorial Day Weekend! Obviously, I am pretty honored if you are taking time out of your busy vacation to read my humble little blog.

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