E3 has arrived

It’s that time again. Feel free to click the link to watch the recorded and/or live streams. At the time of this posting I am currently watching the EA conference, and I did not yet watch the Microsoft one. Though from what I hear, Microsoft spent much of their keynote cramming Kinect shit down your throat. Let’s hope Sony doesn’t do the same for the Move. I’m pretty sure Nintendo is gonna push their 3DS and Wii 2. Mostly likely, Sony is going to push 3D again and then talk about the Xperia Play and NGP (or as it may now be known, the Playstation Vita).

This need for speed trailer has been going on forever, at least that’s what I assume it is. Nevermind, the title was just shown, and Star Wars main theme is playing to introduce Bioware. That means the Star Wars MMO: The Old Republic. Time to keep watching. This opening trailer reminds me of the Kotaku article about the company that makes these. That must be such a sweet job.

If you are just gonna watch later, here’s some fun links to keep you interested. In the meantime I owe you guys 3 restaurant reviews still, dont’ think I’ve forgotten! I will likely write most of them on my way to California this weekend.

Can I say I’m glad I don’t live in an area with a lot of Cicadas. 100 decibels is ridiculous, but luckily this only happens once every 7 years. My parents said they were fairly common in Taiwan. I hate bugs.

From Dust was shown at E3 last year. Now it’s coming out this year! It looks pretty fun, but I suppose we’ll see. Hopefully when I move out this summer, I”ll be able to reduce the backlog of my gaming so that I can play this one. Living at home with disdainful parents means constant tirades if I attempt to play video games, because god forbid I relax a little.

It’s been beautiful out! Why are you reading this? Go frolic!


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