Sony E3 Keynote

So I’m going to liveblog, but not really. I’ll just keep adding to this article and update it as we go. If you want to watch, go here.

8:13 PM – So unlike Microsoft who shoved more Kinect down our throats, I imagine Sony will be revealing the NGP (Playstation Vita?) and also shove some Move stuff towards us, all the while continuing to push for 3D gaming and movies. Which, given the purchase of my new 3dTV, I’m semi-excited for.

8:17 PM – and so it begins, NGP being shown already wow. With teh two analog sticks, and the touch screen on teh back. Looks like this entire intro is in 3D too. A pretty nice montage of all their big flagship series (Ratchet, Uncharted, inFamous, Killzone, etc.) and hardware (3D, Move, NGP).

This audio track is really irritating, the way they cut it.

8:21 PM – Jack Tretton is out on stage. I hope Kevin Butler shows up again. I wonder if they’ll address the PSN outage. I totally forgot they are streaming this on the PSHome. I kind of wish I was watching it there.

Oh nice, they are addressing the PSN issue immediately.

8:23 PM – I’m not sure you can say a 27% increase is huge when PS3s were not selling that well before. But I also don’t know the numbers from last year.

Dear Jack Tretton, You’re welcome for my time. Although I don’t really think you are personally overseeing this network recovery and improvement of the network.

8:25 PM – WTF is Vudu. Also I’ve never heard of and the NHL Gamecenter.

hahaha I’m pretty sure he just said the PS3 was worthless 3 years ago.

I will say I like his introductions much better than the terrible MCs of Ubisoft and EA. The writers for them should be fired.

8:29 PM – The Uncharted demo looks good. The lighting with the spotlights is especially eye-grabbing.

8:34 PM – I know that’s what I think of when I think of Uncharted 3. Subway. Oh cool, Uncharted 3 in 3D trailer. It comes out on my Birthday!

8:37 PM – Sony is really leading with their strong foot forward. Is that the right expression? Who cares, Resistance 3!! Oh cool, Resistance 3 also supports 3D. Exciting.

8:42 PM – That sharpshooter bundle is actaully a pretty good deal.

Oooo 3D Kratos. At first I thought it was just the GoW 1 and 2 remade again. But luckily they aren’t THAT money-grubbing. ICO  in 3D is pretty awesome. Shadow of the Colossus must look beautiful.

Oh this 24″ display is actually a really smart move for Sony. Holy shit, people were talking about this. The split screen full screen TV. That’s awesome. I like how he said “perfect for dorm rooms”, because you know that’s who this is targeted for.

People could also choose to not buy an active-shutter 3DTV, and instead get a nice Passive one. 🙂 But 499 for that bundle is a really good deal.

8:46 PM – I do think the PSMove is a great piece of hardware, despite it basically being a Wiimote 2.0. I do hope that Sony doesn’t spend too much time pushing the Move. That was last year’s deal.

NBA on the Move looks like easy mode for NBA Jam. Not sure how I feel about it. “Best NBA Simulation Experience ever”. Really? Pointing and clicking is not simulation. If this was simulation, you should be actaully making the shot.

Really? You got Kobe to come out and play video games, as though he’s “anybody”. This is just a PR stunt. I’m sure he plays video games in his off-time.

8:51 PM – How is this realistic. I guess if you’re the coach/invisible hand pushing the players it would be. I don’t know, that was such a terrible PR stunt. Kobe you weren’t funny, nice try though.

8:52 PM – Deadmund! I remember him from the Sports Champions skins. This looks like it’ll be good. I don’t know, Sports Champions was pretty good. Man everything’s in 3D, this is actually very cool/nice. If this game works as it’s intended, it could be a lot of fun. Though I hope it supports 2 controllers instead of just one.

The lack of movement system makes it seem very on-rails, which is not good. In fact I think it is on rails. Unfortunate!

8:59 PM – Infamous 2, So excited to get this tomorrow. The two female protagonists are also cool. More characters to play as in the third one. if only it also supported 3D 😉

Retroactive move support to inFamous 2, not sure how I feel about that. LBP2 though seems like it opens up a ridiculous amount of possibilities.

9:01 PM – Starhawk! I knew they’d talk about this. Loved Warhawk, can’t wait to get this game as well.

9:03 PM – This better be Sly.


Haha that was a great trailer, though the “good” graphics looks weird after playing Sly 1-3.

9:06 PM – Oh Iceland, you are silly. Why have I heard absolutely zero about this game. Oh probably because I don’t/have never played Eve.

9:10 PM – Still no sign of Kevin Butler. Sadpanda.

Bioshock Infinite! This looks pretty good. I always enjoyed watching someone play it way more than actually playing it though.

This guy reminds me of Gabe Newell when he apologized for Portal 2 haha. This guy is now clearly going to advocate Playstation Move. But surprise Bioshock Infinite is going to have it. Is it also going to have 3D eventually I’m sure.

NGP game by Irrational. They basically said nothing other than, we are making a sweet-ass game for it. Well he didn’t say sweet-ass but it was implied.

Oh cool, you get 2 Bioshocks for the price of 1!

9:15 PM – I can’t tell if Sony is super pushing Move, or if it just happens to be in every single game they are showing. Either way, Sony, let’s just assume that you have forced developers to use the Move in all your games. And not keep belaboring the point. kthx. The developers already mentioned it as an aside, there’s no need for you to state it’s compatibility AGAIN Jack.

9:19 PM – Wow Sony, really? Battlefield 3 is going to be the biggest version ever on PS3? Just cause you package the older version of the game doesn’t make it better. Plus why would you play the older one when you have the new one.

9:21 PM – 40 min left, no doubt to talk about the Playstation Vita. Though I have not been paying attention to what he’s saying about Playstation Suite. Looks pretty superfluous.

Here we go, Playstation Vita. OLED screen is really awesome.

Two touch pads, motion sensing, 2 analog sticks, 2 cameras that “completely blur the lines of reality”. That’s a pretty lofty claim Hirai. l

Fuck you AT&T. That’s terrible. AT&T must have paid an ass-ton (that is a metric ton of asses), or given them a huge discount.

9:27 PM – Party room……..If you have it on the Vita, it better be on the PS3 ASAP.

What is with these terrible names, Near!

9:28 PM – 30 min left, where is my Kevin Butler.

This Uncharted Demo looks crazy for a handheld. So now I’m setting myself up to be called a fanboy and/or some flaming but, it is in my opinion that the Vita is way more of an upgrade to a portable device than the 3DS was. The 3DS is basically still a DS with a few more features ie: 3D. The Vita has a hardware upgrade, plus a motion sensing, two touch screens, cameras (DS also has this), and two analog sticks. Granted DS had the touchscreens first, I think that there has been less overall improvement in their 3DS upgrade, than the PSP -> Vita transition.

This “painting the way” mechanic seems really convenient. If I got used to that I’m sure I’d be slightly annoyed about not being able to do it on the PS3. The touchscreen control options are reminiscent of iPhone/Droid virtual joysticks to control some games. Still the touchscreen controls look very fluid and innovative.

9:34 PM – I swear the spokespeople have said “looks amazing” in the most monotone voice ALL NIGHT. Please gift Sony employees thesauri this christmas.

9:35 PM – Ruin, looks like it could be good. However, the names within  and presentation of this game are pretty bad. It looks a lot like Dungeon Hunter Alliance. Nothing really new so far. Where are the NGP specific features?

“well its definitely a working title” – Mike Codding

The PS3 connectivity is pretty clever.

9:39 PM – Modnation Vita? Really? You couldn’t come up with new IP? You had to just remake your existing game.

Modnation’s Track editor is super lagging using the touchscreen. Clearly they are super taxing the CPU/GPU. Wonder if they’ll fix that on the Vita.

I feel like people are going to complain about lack of R2 and L2 buttons now that Sony added two analog sticks.

As Mikey pointed out, “but they could use backscreen as “r2 l2″ buttons”

9:44 PM – Crossplay is a smart feature. Cloud Saves also a useful feature for the Vita. The presenter sounds soooooo rehearsed and robotic.

I do love LBP. It looks like they added a ton of new features to the Vita. This is great. Looks really polished already. I may have to get this….I hope not 😀

9:50 PM – Cole Mcgrath in Street Fighter x Tekken. How about we just add him to Mortal Kombat too!

This guy is very very very flamboyant. and that is definitely an understatement. It’s kind of irritating.

I think it’s awesome that the white guy is translating him.

9:56 PM – Cool NGP available this holiday. Oh wow 249.99 for the PSV WiFi only. Competitive with the 3DS. Even the 3G model isn’t bad at $299.99. If only it wasn’t AT&T. *starts saving*

I like that they are, hopefully, not using the XMB for the Vita.

Other than their lack of adjectives for describing the showcased games, A decent, albeit boring, presentation of their product lineup. I was incredibly disappointed by the lack of Kevin Butler, but am extremely excited for Sly 4, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, and the Vita! See you in the lines.

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