Sojourn to California

Welcome from the Golden State! I’ve been a little light on the blog posts because I’ve been packing and getting ready to leave for the two weeks that I will be here working on George Biddle, CPA. It should be a lot of fun, and some good experience/connections. I hope to learn a few things about film production while I’m at it as well. Sadly the weather in San Francisco/Mountain View is not as nice as I thought it might be. I must have brought the Michigan weather here to share. 🙂

The trip from SFO to Mountain View was interrupted only by a quick pit stop to Jamba Juice (for me), REI, and Roadrunner. Now for my non-Californian friends, Roadrunner is an athletic shoe store. They have some crazy 6-step analysis program that analyses how high your arch is, where most of your weight is where you stand, and how you run (they actually put you on a treadmill and take a video that they can go back and look at in slow motion). Then based on these factors, they will recommend a shoe and possibly an in-sole for you to try. It was pretty ridiculous, but fun to watch Steve go through it. Then we stopped at REI where I bought a visor (FINALLY found one I liked) and a Nalgene™ bottle so that I don’t die of dehydration/heat stroke when we are filming in Central Valley. I’m told the weather there is much different from the peninsula that we are on. Hopefully a bit warmer than the 60-65 °F weather that I’ve brought to Mountain View. I just checked, weather is supposed to be upper 80s to lower 90s. Wonderful.

Jamba Juice!!

So it’s been at least a year since Chris and I started playing League of Legends. And there there have been two comics that have depicted the league. I find it funny that these guys are just now starting to play, but it’s about time. I encourage anyone else that likes strategy games to give it a try, it is free after all.

I had some other links I wanted to share, but the airport login and on-plane wi-fi auto loaded the “BUY OUR WIFI SERVICE” page and screwed the pooch. Thus, I will just have to take lots of pictures while I’m here and share things!

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