The First Days

So today is our first day of shooting. Well the first day of shooting with me present anyways. The weather looks to be nice, so nice that it’s going to be bad. Well not bad, just 95° F. Lovely. As I mentioned in the last post, I bought a new visor (exciting), and a Nalgene bottle since my old one is starting to look a little worse for wear; but primarily it’s because I forgot to bring mine from Michigan/was too worried about whether they’d let me pass through airport security. I realized when I was talking to Russ (the director’s dad at whose house we’re staying at), that I haven’t been on a plane since 2004 when we went to Las Vegas – maybe something after that, but at least 4-5 years.

The last two days was mostly preparation for today’s shoot. It primarily consisted of me making some fake newspaper clippings, and then photoshopping them so they looked old, and from a newspaper. I thoroughly enjoyed that task. The more fun part was when I got to use power tools to make a chair for one of the characters. It was to be a fancy chair, and it turned out well – also no one died sitting in it because the chair collapsed. I was pretty proud of myself. The chair turned out pretty well, and looks pretty professional after it was upholstered.

My handiwork

Overall I’m having a lot of fun. It seems like a week has already gone by, but I’ve barely been here for 4 days. The pace of life here is much slower (when we aren’t shooting) and the scenery is just terrific.

The finished product
Our Esteemed Director Testing the Props.

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