Biddle Farm – Day 3

The big action climax of George Biddle, CPA was filmed yesterday.  We started out with about 3 extras, and it grew and grew until we had about 10-12 for the big action sequences. And let me tell you, it was action packed. There were feathers flying, tortillas whizzing by, and of course the paper being […]

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Hot Days at the Biddle Farm

I was originally going to post the shooting days in chronological order, but it seems to make sense to write about the most recent happenings and then appending the other days ASAP. I’m hoping to be able to write two fairly comprehensive blog posts and have them both up tonight. With knowledge that the day […]

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The First Days

So today is our first day of shooting. Well the first day of shooting with me present anyways. The weather looks to be nice, so nice that it’s going to be bad. Well not bad, just 95° F. Lovely. As I mentioned in the last post, I bought a new visor (exciting), and a Nalgene […]

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