Biddle Farm – Day 3

The big action climax of George Biddle, CPA was filmed yesterday.  We started out with about 3 extras, and it grew and grew until we had about 10-12 for the big action sequences. And let me tell you, it was action packed. There were feathers flying, tortillas whizzing by, and of course the paper being chucked in all directions. I wish I could show the videos but I think that it would both detract from the actual impact of the finished product. I did include some pictures though, so that will have to do!

Debbie brought us some delicious  pastry for breakfast. We started filming with some shots of the records room scene leading into the big fight. Townies were needed but we started with about 5 or so townies and ended the day with a fairly large group. The shoot became more and more energized as the day went on. The excitement building up to filming the big fight was palpable. Despite the 100 degree weather, and the fact some of the actors were in suits and heavy jackets, everyone was having a blast. Generally I take about 100 pics a day, but yesterday I took 351. Only 108 are displayed in the gallery, but I may post the rest to Facebook for better or worse. Though if any of the participants are reading this post, and want pictures pertaining to them, feel free to e-mail me and ask me to send pictures that have you in them (Also should probably tell me who you were).

It’s hard to think of what else to write about that these pictures can’t tell. It was literally just organized chaos, feathers, and fun. It was definitely an experience that most people will remember for a while. As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words, and since I’ve already written 300 or so words, I’ll leave you with some pictures with captions followed by the gallery. Enjoy!

A boy and his camera.
Our arch-nemeses taking a picture together.
Christian Operating the Slate


The IRS cornered.


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