George Biddle, CPA – The Final Days

Yesterday was my last day of shooting. Originally we were going to finish the rest of the climax shots, but instead we chose to pick up some scenes from the tax battle between Black and Biddle that were lost due to the heat on Tuesday. The weather was at least 10° cooler than it has been, so everyone was pretty happy with that. Sadly our machine gun briefcase wasn’t 100% functional, or aesthetically there yet. We’re hoping that it will be much improved by Monday. A lot of the shooting was postponed to Monday due to scheduling and logistical chaos. But overall shooting from that day went very smoothly. We were very pleased with the shots that we got, and are hoping for even better shots to close out the climax on Monday.

Luckily, the proprietor of the Biddle Farm location is an amazing guy, and very welcoming. He’s been a very gracious host, and we’re lucky to have met him. This shooting block has been a little hectic overall, but I think things have worked out for the better in the end. Our esteemed director noted that everything we’ve shot so far looks so amazing, it’d be disappointing and a shame to half-ass these last few shots for the climax. So things were post-poned until we have the correct props and people for Monday. Unfortunately I will not be there, but I’m sure things will still be fine.

We cleaned up a lot of the chicken feathers, and I’m sure they will be used again for the final shots of filming where our protagonist and his arch-nemesis have their epic duel of paper and tortillas. The part I’m most disappointed about is being granted the chance to catch chickens for our chicken coop. I was really looking forward to that, also seeing Colton fall into some mud. That was sure to be pretty exciting. Especially if we had to do more than one take – sorry Colton. I am very pleased to have been part of this production, especially about 40% of the scenes that were filmed, and I hope to stay in touch with as many of the people I’ve met as possible. Look me up on facebook!

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