The Biddle Farm, Day 2

It was 103 degrees out yesterday. We still had to film, thank our lucky stars that everything that had to be shot was indoors. I received a mild sunburn on my forearms yesterday, and it was only probably about 95°F. It was still hot as all get out though. We had maybe half the shots we had the day before, but it still took about 6 hours due to the constant water breaks and camera overheating breaks that we had to take. The shortened day was also thanks to the amount of preparation that is needed for each day of shooting, and the second day we had fallen behind a bit. Nothing unexpected, but the heat and extra preparation has slowed down our pace a little bit.

I learned how to make shrimp Ceviché

Preparing LunchThe actress who plays Hera was kind enough to bring us a delicious lunch as well. She brought a fruit bowl containing Cantalope, Grapes, Strawberries, and watermelon. She also brought Carnitas for the main course. They were delicious. Also available was beans and chips & salsa. It was our first “catered” meal on set, and we’re hoping to find someone to do it from henceforth. Our prime candidate is one of Mailo’s second cousins who taught me how to make Ceviché yesterday! It’s actually really simple, but tasted delicious! I will have to make it when I get home.  Anyone who’s interested let me know!

A Feast

We were primarily in a small room that we had set up with filing cabinets to act as the records room of the Biddle Farm. We managed to shoot about half of what we wanted to shoot, which is pretty impressive given the conditions we had. Still a portion of what we had to do required graphics that I still had to make, so that was done last night, and we hope to finish that block on Thursday.

Biddle and NickA short, hot, exhausting day, but everyone kept their morale and spirits up. We had a lot of fun, and there was a lot of joking around. Apparently today’s shoot is going to be longer, more action/energy, and even hotter. Should be a lot of fun, feathers flying everywhere and general pillow fighting chaos. Provided no one collapses from heat stroke, I’ll update with a post tonight hopefully!

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