California Arrival

Now to be chronologically out of order, here are some of my thoughts and some pictures from my arrival into San Francisco International Airport, or as it is lovingly known by the ticket booking service – SFO. I had a pretty smooth trip through security and to San Francisco. Only snag I ran into was the fact that I had so many electronics in my bag, they had to separately test it for explosives. It was suggested to me that next time, since I had so many in my bag, that I take them out to avoid me waiting. Luckily the line wasn’t long when I went in so I wasn’t too worried. It did triple in length as soon as I went through though, so I consider myself lucky. I didn’t even have to go through the millimeter wave scanner, or as it is more commonly known – the privacy invasion machine.

Oatmeal's First Plane Ride

On the plane I found myself next to a lovely couple from South Carolina. One was a CPA, which was coincidental since the movie I’m working on is George Biddle, CPA. Like the director said, once you are doing a movie about them, they just pop out of the woodworks. Oatmeal was very excited about his first plane ride. He was a little worried at first, but he really enjoyed being so high up in the air. The plane ride was nice, it had wireless on-board but you would have had to pay 10 bucks for it. Not really that internet deprived that I’d need to shell out that cash. Watched Green Lantern: Emerald Knights on my Laptop for the second half of the trip, and took a nap for the first half. I chose to pull an all-nighter so as not to miss my flight.

On arrival in sunny California I was picked up by our family friends Steve and Vicki Bell, along with the babyface Sebastien. He is quite the handful. He always has an inquisitive look in his eyes. After my pick-up, we headed to Jamba Juice! Well we headed to REI and Roadrunner (which is apparently some type of fancy tennis shoe store out west) and there just happened to be a Jamba Juice nearby which was very excellent. After the errands, we arrived at their palatial home. If only Californian houses had basements, that house would’ve been even more ginormous than it already is. The foliage of California is vastly different than Michigan. It’s a nice change of scenery. Especially when we took little Sebastien on a walk with Steve. We ended up walking to a Deli and then grabbing some delicious sammiches for lunch. It was a beautiful day, and I have been thoroughly enjoying myself here. Check out more pictures from our walk below.

 My final moments in San Francisco were spent grabbing lunch at In-N-Out before I was taken to Central Valley. Some interesting facts about the chain restaurant. It is at heart a Mormon family business. This was shared with me by Mr. Bell and shown to me via the bottom of the paper cups they use for beverages. The place itself is really overhyped to us east-coasters, but the food was better than most fast food joints. The vegetables were fresh and crisp, and the menu is genius in it’s simplicity. A delicious way to end my short stay in San Francisco.

On our way to Patterson, CA the scenery was spectacular. Hills, fields, wind generators. I love the scenery here. The hills especially, it’s such a nice change from the forests of Michigan. Foothills rather. So pretty, but I know if I moved here I’d miss Michigan scenery. I think I need to move to New Zealand. Upon successful arrival at Nick’s Dad’s (Russ) house, I put my duffel in the guest house and admired the beautiful landscape around the ranch home. Oatmeal was very excited about the whole trip. I chose to crash on the futon over the guest house beds because we didn’t want to change the sheets, and also because this futon is uber comfortable. It’s been a lot of fun so far though, and I’ll be sad to go home on the 25th. I have 3 more posts to write about the 3 shoots we’ve done. Until then I hope all of you had a wonderful Father’s Day! Keep on checking my blog, I’m getting better at updating it. I’ll leave you with a picture of me and a giant aloe looking plant.


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