Super Bowl Sunday!

So I am admittedly not a huge football fan. I feel I’m a little late to the party to track stats, and know players, and follow all the information for trades and drafts and all that stuff. That said, I do enjoy watching it with friends and I look forward to some kind of festivities tonight with my awesome neighbors!

Resolutions are going well. Been keeping up, except I realized that updating on Sundays would be better because then I could write about any awesome adventures that happen on Saturday. So here it is! The most eventful thing that happened was that we made home-made pizza. Dough, not as good as I thought it might be, but still delicious. We had a lot of fun, everyone helped and everyone was full. Afterwards, Settlers of Catan. Best Saturday Ever? I think so.

First pizza in the oven!

Preparing to bake the 2nd Pizza!

Deliciously Baked!

Kitchen Staff!

The Brainiacs behind the idea!

Also, I bought a new dresser this week. I was tired of not having one to put my pants in. So an IKEA field trip was made with Dante and voila! New furniture. Now to get a bed frame….

Halfway through the assembly

The help of neighbor Will

Just a few...more...drawers



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