So it takes 3-4 weeks to form a new habit. and 6 weeks to get rid of a habit. At least that’s what I remember from 7th grade health class. And updating my blog when I have such awesome friends and neighbors becomes difficult it seems. But I will persevere and stick to my resolution, just it may be late now and again.

I was recently e-mailed by the director of George Biddle, CPA requesting one of the graphics I helped make for the film because he wants to blow that up into poster size. I am super psyched about that. I don’t consider myself too much of an artist, but I was very pleased with that particular piece of work I made for the movie. *Beams with pride* In case some of you haven’t seen the teaser, here is the link!

I’m excited to see this come out.

Not much left to say; work has been great, friends have been great, neighbors have been great. Overall it’s been a very pleasant week. Belgian Beer Fest at Ashley’s! Golden Draak 9000 Quad was released (10.5% ABV) so neighbors and Elson and I went to grab some. It was delicious. Also Will’s birthday coming up, so we went out to play pool. I suck so much compared to Jimmy and them. It’s shameful. So much shame orz. (for those of you that are meme-illiterate, orz = a kneeling man with his head on the ground. o = the head, r = arms, z = legs; when you see it you’ll know).

The Tap for Golden Draak. It's a dragon!
Elson, Trevor, and I are Golden Draak 9000 Quad brothers.
Kasteel Rouge is oh so delicious.
The cute glass my Cherish Kriek came in.
How can I turn down Crème Brûlée?!
Hustlers in action at the Electric Stick

I guess this week i’m about due for a video of my horrendous singing. I know you’re all looking forward to it! Until next time!

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