Ashley’s Lobsterfest

There are only 10 more days left in June! It’s crazy how fast this month has gone by. I am moving to a new residence on July 1st. Luckily, or unluckily if you look at it that way, my apartment lease overlaps with the new place so I’ll be less pressured to move out in a short amount of time. The unfortunate part being that I have to pay both rents at once, but I think I’ll survive. Though if any of my friends are reading this, don’t expect me to be going out and partying with you guys anytime soon. I was actually talking to Dante about it last night, I think we’ll be having more cook-ins or -outs as you see fit and instead of going out and spending a ton of money consider coming and bringing a dish or helping to create a dish. It’ll be fun!

There actually isn’t too much to say in this post, as all that we did was hang out, eat delicious lobster, drink beer, and hang out with the Allies so enjoy the pictures!

Being regulars at Ashley’s is pretty cool. We arrived and (though I did place reservations) Chelsea greeted us and knew to seat our reservation in Ashley’s section. Between ordering and drinking, we were able to have some good conversation with Trevor who is our other regular server and is sadly leaving us for Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. We also met a new server, Nicole who we’ve seen before but have never had the pleasure of being our server. We ordered appetizers, beer, and our courses and had a great time until the food came. This was the first time I’ve ever eaten a lobster whole in this fashion. Thank god for the instructions, although Sarah seemed to know instinctively what to do even though she hasn’t eaten a whole lobster in a while. She looked at us with amusement as Dante, Ellen, and I initially struggled with our lobsters and looked all in all confused by what we had to do in order to consume our crustacean.

Sarah is unhappy because of needing to repair her car and she’s hangry

Right: Wild Blue
Left: Raspberry Wheat Fruit Beer

Bacon Cheddar Fries and Chips & Salsa

Ashley bringing us our bibs and shell crackers

He looks confused how to work his bib

That’s a lot of delicious lobster

Sugar Rimmed, Blueberry Stoli with a Lemon Slice to chase

I managed to finish all that I cared to eat of the lobster. Since I refused to eat what was left in the head of the lobster I donated it to Sarah who expertly tackled and removed all edible portions from it. At the close of our meal Trevor had bought us some shots that Ashley had suggested to him. Sugar-rimmed blueberry Stolichnaya with a lemon slice that you bit into as a chaser – it was delicious.

Later on, I had spotted Chris of the Allies and ventured out to go find where they were performing. Turns out they had been here the whole time and were set up out on the patio. I took my cousins and we meandered out there with some of the draft cider in hand. Trevor and Dante had wandered off on their own at this point but I knew they couldn’t be far and would return to us eventually. The rest of the night was spent hanging out, singing along with, and enjoying the music of the Allies. I’ll be sure to see them on the 29th when they’re back at Ashley’s.

Out on the patio

Chris giving me the international rocker sign


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