St. Patrick’s Weekend 2013


Man it’s been a busy week. Sorry for the delay in content. I was going to write this on Wednesday but instead I got home and slept from 6 PM until 8 AM the next morning. Needless to say I’m very well rested today and so I’m up a little later entertaining you all!

Work continues to be good and exciting. Never a dull moment with the characters I work with. Ended up waking up at 5 AM to get in at 6 AM on Tuesday after going to bed at about midnight, then the day before I was up at 6:30 AM to send my friend to the train station after going to bed at around 2 AM. No wonder I slept for 14 hours. Aside from that, the main thing that happened over the last week was St. Patrick’s Day cooking with Jill and Pat! Mostly Jill.

Jill had expressed a desire to cook with Dante and I in a previous blog post, so we set it up! I almost canceled like a flake because my friend was in town but I was told to bring him and so I did. Feast your eyes on our food and festivities:

Potato Pancakes

Pat licking something off Jill’s hands

Carrots for Pat!

Some fennel, bacon, prunes, vinegar salad thing that Jill made. SO DELICIOUS.

Dante made cottage pie

I contributed Chocolate Stout brownies. Made with Guinness! These were while they were cooling and so no frosting was on them yet.
I haven’t seen Pat in forever, so I ambushed him and took this picture.


On the 19th I went to Lockhart’s with John for our third Pitmaster’s dinner together (half of the total number of dinners) where I had some unbelievable food and the reason this post was delayed. Some of the best beef ribs I’ve ever tested and I think I can attempt to recreate the recipe. We shall see! Hopefully I can get some pointers from Pitmaster Bubba. Stay tuned for the next post which will have my review of the dinner!

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