Fall is here! Sort of.

This post is pretty delayed. I started writing it on my tablet yesterday, but that took forever and I was tired. Not much happened during the week though. I had a lot of fun at work working in ZEMAX and getting mentored by my coworker. There were some roadblocks, but with some consultation we worked through it. I kind of wish I had a personal copy so I could keep playing with it while I’m on the weekend. Fortunately I do not, but I did take a vacation day this weekend so that we can go check out the beginning of Fall Festival¬†–¬†this time with 100% more Dante.

I’ll have pictures and stuff up on Monday! Though we’ll still be in Indiana until Monday night. It’s been pretty fall-like in Michigan. I love the breeze and the crisp air. I could do without the rain though.

Other than that, not much has been happening this week since last week’s Indiana visit. Sushi Thursday lives. We went Ashley’s for the first time in two months. I miss the servers that we’ve become friends with. Dante and I had some delicious $3 pints and fried mushrooms.

Oh! Lindsay got a new job, and we went to celebrate at Bahama Breeze happy hour. That was really fun. We’re all very happy for her, and we hope her new job keeps her busy, interested, and is the beautiful start of a whole new career path for her. Congratulations Lindsay!


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