Fall Fest beginning

So this weekend we are back in Indiana, with an extra day on Monday! Fallfest started today, but the food (the important part) doesn’t start until Monday.

Dante and I headed out to Indiana again with his car (Erica) on Friday night, and made it in before midnight CST. That was the target time. We hung out at the house and played magic and also watched the¬†Buckwild¬†marathon that was on MTV. Seriously, does MTV play music anymore? The only related musical aspect of the show was when they would switch scenes and change the music, there would be a pop-up that told you what artist and song was playing. Oh yeah, before Buckwild we watched the Croods. I was a fan, definitely a good family movie with a pretty transparent moral. I definitely teared up a bit near the end, but I’m a big softy anyways. At about 3 AM CDT we headed back to Jimmy’s to retire for the night where I felt bad about not writing a blog post for Friday before I promptly passed out on the Sumo.

The next day, we ran some errands, then headed over to Zack’s. Before Zack went to work we hung out at the house with him and played some Magic. As the time approached for him to leave, we prepared to head out to get dinner components. Before we headed to the local Walmart, we made a pitstop at Lori’s Mom’s house.

20131006-01 20131006-02

When we arrived, we were greeted by two dogs (Millie, the Chocolate Lab and Penny, the Newfoundland) and Lori’s Mom, Grammy. We hung out there and messed around in the garage/breezeway before we headed out. I also took this opportunity to take a picture with Eli for the first time. Well a picture of us together for the first time. I think this completes the set for people I’ve taken pictures with in the Downs family. After our visit, we made our way to Walmart.

20131006-03 20131006-04
20131006-05 20131006-06
20131006-07 20131006-08
20131006-09 20131006-10
20131006-11 20131006-12
20131006-26 20131006-13
20131006-14 20131006-15
20131006-16 20131006-17
20131006-18 20131006-19


At Walmart we bought ingredients for no-bake cheesecake and Basil & Goat Cheese Lasagna Roll-ups. We couldn’t quite remember exactly what we needed, but I remembered that Dante and I had posted our first cooking show episode on YouTube to make this (we need to get back to organizing that again). When we were ready to check out, Eli and I decided to be a little silly and we were taking some pics in the sunglasses section. Swag Yo.

20131006-21 20131006-22

After our Walmart adventure we went back, cooked, ate, and watched This is the End before heading home and passing out. Oh yeah, there might have been some kind of Tornado/Severe Weather warning, but rain never hurt anyone right? On another note, Zack’s house works well as an island fortress.

The next day, Dante’s car (Erica) had her brake pads replaced thanks to Jimmy. The rest of the day we just relaxed and played video games. Primarily, Playstation All-Stars and now Dungeon Defenders. The kids have school Monday and Jimmy has work, so I think the morning and the afternoon will be spent hanging out with Zack and Lori before heading out to sample the wares at Fall Festival. Though I might try to convince Lori and Zack to make a preliminary trip during the day.

20131006-23 20131006-24
Nothing like harassing small children by tickling them mercilessly

I’ll have pics of that up for the Friday post, though that may be delayed as Twin and I are heading up here AGAIN for the end of Fall Fest and hopefully a parade! Who doesn’t love a good parade?


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