Post-Christmas but Pre-New Year’s

After a relaxing few days of skiing, family, and Christmas at our house up north I headed back with Katrina on the 26th. I had to take care of some things at the house, but also I had plans to meet with Paul & Jamie as well as Bradley. An impromptu meetup with Chris rounded out my weekend and a surprise visit from Nikki topped it all off!

After getting home Thursday I more or less just vegged out at home. Friday morning I had a brunch scheduled with Paul & Jamie. We were going to cook brunch at my house, since Jamie had never been. They showed up with a bunch of breakfast stuff from Trader Joe’s and we set off to cook! My contribution was some Simmered Eggs in Kale. One of my “I’m lazy and this is healthy” dishes that I cook for lunch/brunch on weekends. It’s pretty easy to make, and as far as I know kale is healthy. Interesting fact that I learned from Jamie, before kale was “trendy”, the largest purchaser of it was Pizza Hut. They used it as a decoration at their salad bars.

20131230-02 20131230-01


Afterwards Chris and I met up and ate at Bahama Breeze and watched Anchorman 2. Then we went to Best Buy where I got Steam Cards that were on sale (5% off prepaid steam cards…so free money?), and then because I spent 100 dollars on their Annual Yellow Tag Sale I got a $15 dollar gift card to Best Buy. This was kinda strange since all I bought were prepaid steam/league cards so it was like getting 15% back on my purchase. Sort of.

20131230-04 20131230-05

Saturday I more or less lazed about, until I got my butt up to use my new PASTA MAKER! I made angel hair pasta, and made a mushroom tomato sauce out of the leftover mushrooms from my brunch days prior. Turned out awesome and I have about half a pound of dough left to make more. Gotta use it soon! After I ate dinner, a wild Nikki & Dante appeared! Was a great surprise visit, and we chilled out and talked for a bit before she was sleepy and left.

20131230-12 20131230-13


Sunday I had lunch with Brad at the Flytrap and we caught up on the daily bustlings of our lives. He is a lot more informed about global economics than I am. I probably should pay more attention to world events in general. Afterwards we walked around a bit and kept talking before we parted ways.

20131230-09 20131230-08
20131230-10 20131230-11

Monday night I had my annual New Year’s Eve Eve party so I gotta get working on that post!


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