New Year’s Eve Eve

As is customary, I hold a New Year’s Eve Eve party starting 3 years ago. Trying to make it somewhat of a tradition. It’s getting there….slowly, as time goes by. I decided to hold it on the 30th because usually people have plans on the 31st, so it’s a good way to take advantage of the fact most people are in town, while still keeping their plans free for the actual ball drop.

This year I had a lot more room to work with, and the house ended up supporting a pretty varied party. There were people that could just sit and talk while listening to the playlist, there was rock band/video games/just dance downstairs, there was the dining room where people were playing board games, and of course the kitchen and basement bar where people would gather for some food or to refill their drinks.

20140103-01 20140103-03
20140103-07 20140103-09
20140103-14 20140103-15
20140103-16 20140103-17
20140103-19 20140103-20
20140103-23 20140103-25
20140103-26 20140103-27
20140103-28 20140103-29
20140103-30 20140103-31
20140103-32 20140103-35
20140103-36 20140103-37
20140103-38 20140103-39

This year I invited a good slew of people, and was really happy with the turnout. We all had a great time, and I even got to see some familiar faces that I don’t get to see that often. Brad and Tiffany came to liven up the party. Pat and Jill showed up which added to the iD Tech Reunion group, and Gretch even made it out with her boyfriend to complete the Patrick friend circle. Nikki Cockern and Sylvie showed up at one point of the night (despite their busy schedules) and shared an evening of camaraderie with us! The theme of the holidays has really been selfies due to a particularly funny incident earlier this month.

20140103-02 20140103-04
20140103-05 20140103-06
20140103-08 20140103-10
20140103-11 20140103-12
20140103-13 20140103-18
20140103-21 20140103-22
20140103-24 20140103-33

We made a pretty mild jungle juice that was DELICIOUS and filled with gummy bears. Today those gummy bears are huge. Ravi and I will enjoy them immensely this weekend.

As the party died down, we retired to the basement to play Rock Band 3 and Just Dance 4. In retrospect, should have recorded the dances, but the clips aren’t really worth putting up. Enjoy our rendition of Drops of Jupiter and Don’t Stop Believing though!

The night winded down and we all laid down on our makeshift beds and the couches. A pillow fight ensued at one point, as well as a snapchat war between Nick and I. We spent 3 hours talking about going to IHOP before we finally decided to go to a coney island at 7 AM. We finally headed back home and fell asleep around 8 AM, until Sarah and Ellen woke up and came to hang out at 11:30ish.

20140103-40 20140103-41
20140103-42 20140103-43
20140103-44 20140103-45
20140103-46 20140103-47

Everyone got ready to go and prepare for New Year’s Eve while Chris, myself, and my cousins headed to Kabuki for sushi/korean food. We bid our adieus and prepared for the upcoming new year.

20140103-48 20140103-49
20140103-50 20140103-51

Felt like this year’s party was a huge success. Even more so than previous years, so I have high hopes for iterations!



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