New Year’s Eve 2013

This year for New Year’s Eve I decided to head out on the town with Chris and Will. Will said he was going to Fountain Bistro for an event that was $50 and open bar from 9:30 PM – 1:30 AM. I thought that sounded fun, so made plans to go and Chris decided he would accompany me.

010714-01 010714-02
010714-03 010714-04

We started out at Foran’s Grand Trunk Pub for a bite to eat and a beer.

010714-05 010714-06
010714-07 010714-08

After warming up a bit (Will had been out hours earlier before Chris and I arrived), we headed to the food trucks. Mac Shack was there and I HAD to get something from them. I rarely see them, but their food is so delicious. It is to my great dismay that they rarely make it over to my side of town to park their deliciously cheesy wares.

010714-09 010714-10
010714-11 010714-12
010714-13 010714-14

Around 9:30 we made our way to the Fountain Bistro to get our wristbands and order our first drink. I’d never been into Fountain Bistro before, and I felt that I was under dressed for the place. It is super fancy.

010714-15 010714-16
010714-17 010714-18


At some point we headed back out to walk around and get out of the establishment as it was quickly becoming crowded. We went to the “Rink Side Lounge” and drank more drinks near a heater, and watched a couple get married.

010714-20 010714-21
010714-22 010714-23
010714-24 010714-25

We headed back in when we were starting to freeze off our extremities, and remained inside for the rest of the night. The ball dropped and we were given Champagne in a plastic shot glass for which to cheers. I was pretty drunk at that time so things are a little wobbly in my memory.

010714-26 010714-27
010714-28 010714-29


Overall a great night and I definitely wanna go out again for next year’s New Year’s Eve. Who’s coming with me?


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