It’s a New Year! 2014 is here!

Man, it’s 2014. The numbers of the year add up to 7, so it must mean it’s going to be a lucky year. Right? Right? Well we can only hope. I did read a really interesting article about how you make your own luck. I got there from a different article about common habits of successful people which I thought was also pretty thought provoking, but the luck article caught my attention a lot more. In general I’ve always considered myself a lucky person; that fortune smiles on me and I always try to avoid bad karma. So being the highly superstitious person that I am, I’m going to go ahead and declare 2014 a lucky year.

So first things first, before the fun pictures that you are all so accustomed to let’s talk about resolutions. I did terrible. I even made a separate page on this blog to keep track of them! That fell by the wayside after about a month. Tracking my resolutions was too much work, how do you think I did with the actual ones? Let’s take a look:

1. Write a new blog post every week: According to the WordPress summary, this is probably my most successful goal. I posted 49 new posts in 2013. The goal was 52, so I was just shy. If I didn’t take a couple hiatus’ for my thesis and my house remodeling I probably would’ve been over. So Let’s try again for this year.

2. Cooking Show uploaded biweekly: So this one stopped after the first episode. Dante and I filmed 3 more before we decided we needed a format change. Also the fact that my video editing program stopped working shortly after we started was probably both an obstacle and a hindrance.

3. Lose 15 lbs: This is an epic fail. I instead gained 9 lbs. So new resolution is probably going to be to lose 24 lbs.

4. Check Facebook only once a week: This was going well, and then went badly, then went well.

So if I had to give myself a grade for 2013? I’d say a C-, possibly a D. Not so well. Either I need more realistic year-end goals, or I need to hunker down and do them. So let’s try again this year!

New 2014 Resolutions!

1: Have 78 new posts on the blog by the end of the year
2: Lose 24 lbs
3: Stop actively posting to Facebook, and use the blog to post there in its place.
4: Make some kind of video with my friends (music video, short film, anything) by the end of the year.

Basically a re-hash/upgrade/improvement of last year’s goals. I’m okay with that since I did so abysmally. Onto the fun stuff, things I’ve been up to since the new year.

Well Ravi came to visit me after the ball drop, and we hung out during Snowpocalypse 2014. We had a good time playing video games, watching Sherlock, and playing Magic. There may have been Rock Band. Who am I kidding? Of course there was Rock Band. Always a great time with Ravi, I hope to see him more this year.

010914-02 010914-03

Also here’s a video of our mad Rock Band skills. It’s mostly me singing terribly and Ravi extremely focused on his part. Enjoy!

I decided to be more of a hermit this year, more on that in the next blog post. Fortunately, John invited me to the Food Truck Rally at the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market  on Wednesday. Unfortunately, the Trucks didn’t show up so we went to Monk instead for some delicious burgers and duck fat fries. I hadn’t seen LaTonya in a while, and WIll came out too so I was a pretty happy duck.


010914-01 010914-04
010914-05 010914-06
010914-07 010914-08
010914-09 010914-10
010914-11 010914-12

And today was Sushi Thursday! Should be a good weekend. Productive hopefully. Without Facebook to obsessively check every 10 min, I’m finding I have a lot of free time.


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