I am doing poorly at posting my Tuesday posts. But I made it! With 2 minutes to spare!

So as I mentioned in my last post, I am being a hermit for the next month or so. This sort of links to my no Facebook resolution, but the main reason is that I feel like with all this technology I’m so connected to everyone and everything. At the same time, I feel connected to no one at all. The amount of time I check my phone since I acquired a smartphone in 2011 is absurd. I remember when I didn’t have a cell phone at all until I could drive, and that was only so my parents could keep track of me. I saw this comic on the oatmeal today and thought it was incredibly relevant to my current situation.

I’m not going to be antagonistically a hermit though. That would be rude. If people text or otherwise communicate with me, I will be responding. So despite my best efforts to hide myself away in this frigid climate, some of my friends continue to seek me out and pry me from my igloo of solitude.

Saturday I helped out Will and Lindsay house-sit of sorts by being there when they had a service man come to the house. Afterwards Lindsay and I met up with John at Toasted Oak Grill & Market for a late lunch. We had a lot of fun talking and eating, before Lindsay and I made a short shopping trip.

Free Kielbasa appetizer for checking in on Yelp!
Cheese Board
011414-03 011414-04
011414-05 011414-06

On Sunday Dante and Will came over for some board games. We played some T’zolkin and Elder Sign for the first time before we all had to go and prepare for work. Was a relaxed and fun weekend. Also I spent most of it cleaning my basement and of course the rest of the house. House is super tidy again. I am pleased. One last area to clean, is the desks in the basement. Then I won’t be embarrassed when people come over.



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