Last Weekend Skiing

This weekend was the last weekend Schuss Mountain was open for skiing. I decided to go up and enjoy the slopes with my parents for the last time this ski season. The weather was not very warm, but it was beautiful out. The sun definitely made it warmer than it was and there wasn’t a lot of wind, so the skiing was fantastic.

After enjoying the slopes with my dad, we went to a Mexican restaurant in Gaylord, El Rancho Mexican Restaurant.The place was a bit gaudy with the décor, but the food was excellent. The margaritas and the drinks were very well-priced for the amount of drink that you got, and you could definitely taste the tequila.

After dinner we relaxed at home and I made Panna Cotta for dessert. I decided to get fancy and also make a strawberry gelée. It didn’t really set in time while we were watching a movie, but I put it in the freezer for a bit to help it set. When correctly made, it’s very creamy and rich. It was delightful. My parents took the leftovers back home and ate them during the week.

Overall a very restful weekend and I had a good time spending time with my parents.

Until next year skiing season!


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