New friends join Board Game Night

So between work and not-work, this week has been pretty jam-packed full of stuff to do. Primarily work is in the home stretch of the machine that I am pseudo in charge of. So that has been keeping me busy. My closet is finally up and running! Only took me a few weeks, but everything is finally finished. I’m pretty happy with the results.


Movie Wednesday also was scheduled for this week. Pat & Dante joined me to watch Transcendance. The movie got terrible reviews, but I really liked it. Sure there were some plot holes, but any movie I’ve seen that involves “future technology” always does. I think I’m just willing to suspend my disbelief a little more than most people, or I’m not smart enough to point out the flaws in the explanations – both are equally likely. The movie concept is pretty solid, but Pat and I agreed that the presentation could have used some more polish. It fell into the realm of “trying too hard” with a lot of superfluous elements. Most reviews paint the movie as a “technology is bad/evil” premise, but it really has a bit more nuance than that. I’d recommend seeing it if you can deal with some handwavium explanations at times. They made sense to me but, like I said, I’m a little more willing to suspend my disbelief in order to enjoy the movie.



With lent ending, Sushi Thursdays have been reinstated! This week was only James and I, but we were able to go to New York Sushi again since they re-opened the restaurant since their family emergency. The proprietors said the emergency was still happening, but it wasn’t as bad. I hope everything turns out okay for them, they are good people with a great eatery.



Board Game Thursday had a pretty large turnout. I invited Sylvie, Jen, Steven, Amanda, and Adam to come over and they all showed up! Even Nikki made a brief cameo. To ease them into the plethora of board games that I have we played Cards Against Humanity and 7 Wonders. I had just gotten the Bigger, Blacker Box to store all my expansions in, so I just wanted an excuse to play it too. Thanks to Amber, she informed me about the secret card in the lid. Originally I thought she was just messing with me, but there really is a secret card in the lid. So this is my public apology to her for doubting you.

7 Wonders was a bit more chaotic, as that game might be simple in concept but there’s so many ways to score points it’s really hard to explain to people that are playing for the first time what to do. It’s definitely even harder for people that haven’t really played board games that aren’t Monopoly, Risk, etc. Ryan and I decided that Settler’s is definitely a good gateway board game. He hasn’t played Dominion, but Dominion is the quintessential deck-building game for newbies. Time to see how the next board game night goes!

I was so wrapped up in enjoying myself with everyone that I forgot to take pictures. Sorry!

Now I’m off to Bellaire to celebrate Short’s Brewing Company’s 10th Anniversary. The celebration is supposed to be pretty epic. More on that next week!


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