Out and About

I’m finally back on track with my posts. I think when I have a lot of pictures, I start to stress out because I feel like I need an amount of text to match. But like the adage goes, a picture’s worth a thousand words, so I just gotta be a little less neurotic about it and give minimal but enough detail.

So I know you are all most interested in finding out how my dental appointment went. Well it went great. Apparently my dental hygiene isn’t terrible. 2 or 3 years since my last cleaning and no new cavities! Though apparently I’m brushing my teeth too hard, who knew?

More importantly, I spent Good Friday with my parents while Bruce was getting maintained at Fred’s Brakes. They are great, I totally recommend them; quality service and reasonable pricing. I went to Costco with my dad while we waited for my mom to get home at lunch. I got a case of Ginger Beer from Bundaberg, it’s like the best thing ever. I mean if you don’t like ginger, then I guess it’s the worst thing ever. When my mom got home we headed to Granite City for lunch! We got a pretty cute server and the food was excellent, though I probably should’ve gotten a 20oz beer instead of a 25oz.

Afterwards we went back to my parent’s house while I waited for Bruce to finish getting some repairs. In the interim I caught up on a lot of my blog posts! Hence my on-time delivery this time.

Sushi Friday was held at Sylvie’s in Royal Oak and we ordered a LOT of sushi for 5 people from Noble Fish. Sarah and some others had helped Sylvie move in and unpack the new house, so by the time Dante and I arrived everyone had worked up a good appetite. We ordered $130 of sushi, and all of it was delicious. We had a good time catching up and talking. Sylvie had just gotten 2 kittens, and they are adorable! Later on we played Taboo per Alex’s suggestion before everyone retired for the night. Dante and I stayed to help Sylvie debug some electrical issues and then hung out/talked to Sylvie and Leah for a bit before leaving close to midnight.

Saturday I had to go into work to work on our machine for a bit, but afterwards I went to help LaTonya. I missed the loading phase of the move, but I did make it for the unloading phase. Parking was a bitch, but I managed to get really lucky and find a spot on the street less than a block from her apartment. There was some kind of bomb threat though, and the bomb squad was out. It caused a lot of logistics problems for the move. I was only able to stay and help LaTonya until 5, but I like to think I did enough. Their new apartment looks great. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when she’s got everything unpacked.

Joyce was having a housewarming dinner party that night, so I headed there from LaTonya’s. I was going to get them a housewarming present, but I thought I’d scope out the situation before I decided on anything. I think I’ve got a great idea in mind. The house was built in the 30s and looked great. They did a great job decorating and getting everything together. Joyce made a delicious dinner and we were all stuffed afterwards. Most people left around 10, but I managed to end up staying until midnight just chatting and overall having a great time talking to Steve and Joyce. They are lovely people, I’m really glad I met them.

Sunday Sylvie wanted to go to Dim Sum, so we gathered a group of us and headed to Shangri-La in West Bloomfield. Jen and Steve weren’t very familiar with the Dim Sum Dishes, but we did our best to explain it to them. They seemed to love it. We had some great conversation, and they are coming to take the dog house that has been plaguing my backyard for the last 10 months. I’m very happy about that. Well they are also coming for board game night, so I’m excited about that. Love meeting new people and making new friends.

One weekend when I’m finally home, and I still have a lot jam-packed into the weekend. I think I might have to schedule a weekend of nothing sometime. Looks like that won’t happen until June though…can’t complain though, I do enjoy having stuff to do.


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