Beer Throwdown Finals 2014

This week has been pretty busy. Work is in an all-out frenzy as we are finishing a project. I’m starting to feel like maybe I thrive on this kind of crazy hectic situation. I seem to maintain my composure most of the time. Will had contacted me and wanted to get sushi on Wednesday, and possibly some beers. I suggested we attend the Beer Throwdown Finals at Ashley’s.

We headed to Sushi House first for a long overdue sushi night. We ordered a modest amount of sushi, but while we were eating we received 2 nigiri-type stand-alone sushis compliments of the chef. It was an interesting pesto sushi. Definitely not something we wanted to dunk in soy sauce and we were both glad we didn’t. I think as a one-off it was delicious, not sure if I could eat more than 1 or 2 of them before the pesto flavors became overwhelming. That night my sushi seemed extra delicious, must’ve been a great sushi chef there that night. My issue with sushi house is, I think it’s highly dependent on who’s making the sushi. Sometimes my sushi there has been mediocre, but overall we’re better than par for the course.

The beer throwdown was Paw Paw Brewery vs Right Brain Brewery. I wore my Right Brain shirt in support, but I did try a delicious Black Talon IPA. Will got teh South Branch Summer Ale and I really thought that would go well as a “sit in the back yard and enjoy the sun with friends” beer. We each ended up having 4 beers, I started with a Spinal Tapper IPA, moved on to the Dead Kettle IPA, had the Black Talon IPA, and finished with the Strawberry Fields Cream Ale.¬†The cream ale is another beer that would be great for just drinking in the summer. At the end of the night, after all the drinks were tallied, Right Brain took home the trophy and we were there to witness the speech the owner gave. It’s great to see such a friendly competition¬†between the two breweries. Hoping to see more great beers come out of the two of them.

It’s a long weekend for me this weekend, but I’ll be heading to my parents today, as I have a dental appointment at 7;30 AM. I haven’t gone in for 2-3 years, so here’s hoping my teeth don’t fall out of my mouth.


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