Dumpling Party for Chinese New Year!

This past Sunday Sarah put together a dumpling making party for the 2015 Chinese New Year. She invited her friends over and I threw out a few invites as well and we had a blast getting all the food ready.

As many people as we could fit around one of the tables, is how many people we had helping to make the dumplings. If i had to guess I’d say we made upwards of 150 dumplings. Most of them are gone now, a majority of which were eaten at the event.

All in all we made Two different kind of pork dumplings (Sarah and Joyce made two different types of filling), tofu with century eggs, Chinese roasted eggs, bean curd, hot & sour soup, Joyce made Tiramisu, Sarah made a red bean Chinese new year’s cake (Niangao), and marinated cucumbers. It was delicious. Not too many leftovers and we all had fun playing Drawful for hours afterwards.

Happy New Year!


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