BBQs and Ropes

This Memorial Day weekend has been hot. We met a lot of record setting temperatures, though we did not set any. Despite the heat, Saturday was overcast and was definitely tolerable. My godsister, godmother, and godbrother came into town for memorial day weekend to see my parents (and me too i think…). God-sister came in from SoCal, God-brother from NY, and my God-mother flew in all the way from Taiwan. Since they and my parents haven’t done the high ropes before, we took them for an adventure. Afterwards we grabbed lunch, and I went home to prepare for Nikki’s annual Memorial Day BBQ!

Ready to go!

My dad was interested in going to ropes, so he joined us while my mom took pictures. He was a little concerned, but I assured him that I had seen people close to his age doing the black diamonds before. He managed well, I’m proud of him. I was EXTREMELY impressed by my godmother. She tackled all the elements like a champ; she even made it through the single black diamond. My dad ran out of energy after we did the blue “Waterfall” course, so unfortunately he didn’t join us for that one.

My crazy-ass god-brother decided he had to be different, and perform this feat of acrobatics and strength. Can’t say I wasn’t impressed.


After our fun, everyone was starving since we started at 11 AM and ended at 2 PM. They wanted a noodley/ramen dish, and unfortunately Matsuchan was closing near that time, so I suggested we headed to Nagomi. I had gone a handful of times with coworkers, it was described as a “japanese cafeteria”. I knew the food was good, but it’s a pretty basic layout. Ordering is done via slips that you fill out, and the slips are located in front of a picture of the food you want. Turn it in, get your order, eat to your heart’s content. I ended up getting curry udon, Tuna & Lettuce Onigiri, and an order of karaage for the table.


After lunch, we hung out at my house for a bit before we said our goodbyes. Every year I bring a dessert to the annual BBQ. This year I made Blueberry Cheesecake bars. I guess people were requesting lemon bars (which is what I brought the last time I was there two years ago), but I rarely enjoy repeating a dish. Boring. Sorry y’all.

My contribution to the BBQ, Blueberry Cheesecake Bars

Always a fun time, it’s interesting to see how things have changed and evolved over the years. Maybe it’s cause I’m getting older. I didn’t get a picture with Evelyn this year, I blame her. Stop being so busy! Guess we’ll have to wait until next year!



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