Valentine’s Week

Do I start with the title of the post? Or do I start with what happened chronologically? I think it probably makes sense to talk about Valentine’s first.

Palentine’s 2019

For the last 7 years, John unintentionally started a tradition of eating at Buffalo Wild Wings on Valentine’s day. The first year we did it, it was just a “welp it’s also wing Thursday so do you wanna go hang out since neither of us have dates?” Then then the next year, it just happened to fall on Thursday again so we figured, “eh, why not?” Since then we’ve just invited all our single friends to come and enjoy the company of each other on what, to me (unpopular opinion), is a pretty Hallmark Holiday.

Kalila came up with the best name, inspired by Parks and Recreation: Palentine’s Day!

In addition to some quality friend time, Katrina was home for the week!

On Wednesday we decided to have a dinner at Dan’s house so we could all hang out and jam. I brought my violin, Katrina brought guitars and a violin, and Dan has a bazillion instruments in his house. He has some mad skills, and Katrina definitely learned a thing or two.

For dinner I made Salmon en Croute, Dante brought a fruit tart, and Jill made a roasted cauliflower puree. I love how simple salmon en croute is to make, and how delicious the final product is.


Whenever I have video to deal with, I’m never quite sure how to handle it and I always end up delaying my post slightly. I think in this case it made sense to keep everything separate though.

Here are the videos of jamming at Dan’s house. Most of this is very impromptu and either people are learning as we go or just improv-ing over.

On Saturday, people also came over to hang out and we ended up playing a lot of Rock Band until 4 AM. Here are some of the highlights:


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