Twin comes for Fall Fest

The final week of the Asian Invasion to Hatfield, IN to see Jimmy and attend the final weekend of Fall Fest. Twin showed up this time and we all had a blast. 3 weeks of me visiting and I’m sure the Downs are suffering from Elmer overload. I look forward to their visit to Michigan for Youmacon and my birthday!

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Southern Indiana for a weekend

Before Jimmy had left, he had mentioned that there was a huge BBQ fest near his parents’. Keeping this in mind since his departure, I wrangled a handful of friends and convinced them to go to Indiana with me for this culinary expedition. Jimmy lives in southern Indiana, near Kentucky. This is about a 7 hour drive, so we had a nice road trip through Ohio, Kentucky, and the southern tip of Indiana. Two of our group left from Urbana-Champagn, Illinois and the other five of us road-tripped down from my place.

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