A 90th Birthday Bash

90th Birthdays don’t come around very often. So when they do, it’s definitely something worth celebrating. I’ve known Grandma Peng as long as I can remember, and she’s still as feisty as the day we met. It has been some time since I saw her after leaving for college, so it was really great to […]

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Dante’s Birthday Dinner

This past week was Dante’s 26th birthday. To celebrate his existence on the big, blue marble for 26 years without kicking the bucket we went out to dinner. The birthday boy got to pick the culinary fare and eventually decided on Chinese. We headed to Hong Hua since he had never been.

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Busy New Year

Hello hello since New Year’s! I hope you are all having a wonderful 2013 so far! I’ve been busy trying to get all my resolutions and things in order. You’ll be happy to know I’m right on track for all of them. Though the cooking show is being edited concurrently with this blog post, so it was supposed to be posted on Sunday but there’s a lot more stuff involved with this first episode than I first anticipated, but more on that later!


Since my last post it’s been an exciting week!

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