A 90th Birthday Bash

90th Birthdays don’t come around very often. So when they do, it’s definitely something worth celebrating. I’ve known Grandma Peng as long as I can remember, and she’s still as feisty as the day we met. It has been some time since I saw her after leaving for college, so it was really great to be invited to this shindig and to be able to celebrate this milestone with her.

The event took place at Hong Hua, the premiere Chinese restaurant in the area and the mainstay of fancy celebrations for the Asian community. The food was of course delicious, and there was Peking Duck. One of my favorite dishes of all time.

20131225-02 20131225-03
Peking Deck has to be one of my favorite dishes of all time
20131225-11 20131225-20
20131225-22 20131225-23
20131225-24 20131225-32

There were a lot of family friends that I hadn’t seen since high school, and many of them were surprised at my height (even though I haven’t grown since high school) and that I “bulked up”. I got fatter, but to be fair I was a twig in high school (I weighed 125 lbs at the end of senior year). It was great to see everyone after so long and there was a lot of catching up.

20131225-01 20131225-05
20131225-06 20131225-07
20131225-08 20131225-12
20131225-14 20131225-15
20131225-16 20131225-17
20131225-18 20131225-19
20131225-26 20131225-27
I’ve known this wonderful lady since we children. Always a pleasure to see her.
20131225-28 20131225-29
20131225-30 20131225-31
20131225-34 20131225-35
20131225-36 20131225-37


Definitely a memorable night, and I hope to be around when Grandma celebrates her 100th birthday!

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