Birthday Party, 2018

Third big party of the year. Autumn. Birthday. I wanted a cool hook for my birthday party this year. That hook ended up being an ice luge. Ice luges are expensive though, so I brainstormed with Dan about how one would make an ice luge. Dan had a great idea. So he made a giant […]

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Birthday Weekend 2016

There are few events that I celebrate more than my birthday. Starting in college I had two major parties: Cinco de Mayo and my Birthday. Since then my major events have evolved into a BBQ in the summer, my annual New Year’s Eve Eve party, and of course my Birthday. This year I had a […]

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A 90th Birthday Bash

90th Birthdays don’t come around very often. So when they do, it’s definitely something worth celebrating. I’ve known Grandma Peng as long as I can remember, and she’s still as feisty as the day we met. It has been some time since I saw her after leaving for college, so it was really great to […]

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