Birthday Weekend 2016

There are few events that I celebrate more than my birthday. Starting in college I had two major parties: Cinco de Mayo and my Birthday. Since then my major events have evolved into a BBQ in the summer, my annual New Year’s Eve Eve party, and of course my Birthday.

This year I had a pleasant surprise of Jimmy showing up out of the blue. He spent he weekend with us and we had a blast. Friday night, I had a party because Saturday I had bought Seven Lions tickets a long time ago. A good number of people came, and on rather short notice so I was pretty pleased with the turn out. Jill even baked me a strawberry mousse cake! It was scrumptious!

The next night, we headed to the Royal Oak Music Theater for the Seven Lions concert. I had bought the pre-sale tickets back in August, so I was pretty stoked since this was my first official EDM concert. I had bought some LED gloves back during Prime Day that I knew would be a problem but I brought them anyways. I got yelled at and had to put them away.

Dan and his oldest joined us for the concert, and I was happy to see him since he couldn’t make it to the party. A lot of us it was our first EDM concert, so we reveled in the experience together.

We had no idea who was opening, and how the night would go. Turns out there were three headliners. Grum, Unlike Pluto, and Pegboard Nerds that each played 1 hour. We felt the energy was pretty low for Grum, but Unlike Pluto was amazing. I was really digging his set and the energy he was putting out. So much so that I bought his album on amazon the next day. Pegboard nerds was very intense. I wasn’t as big a fan of their entire set, but there were definitely certain songs that I enjoyed. I think the bigger issue was every single drop they had was super high energy, and I was just tired after the first 15 min.

Seven Lions came out at midnight. Pat and I were just amazed that the show went on for so long. Most venues usually are done by 11PM, and here was Seven Lions coming out at Midnight. It was daylight savings that weekend, but his set didn’t finish until 1:30 AM. It was AMAZING. That entire show was great.

My group slowly dwindled as the night went on. Jimmy and Dante were the first to go, followed by Katrina. Dan and his kid were next. Ryan stuck it out until about 1:10AM. Pat was my lone companion that made it through the night. It was such a great night. I ended up getting a Seven Lions tank for my next concert.

Let’s see what next year holds!


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