Thanksgiving 2016

This year’s Thanksgiving was pretty eventful. Started with the turkey trot, then went to dinner with parents, and finished with a party on Saturday. Sarah was back in town, along with a lot of other people so we had a great get together.

The morning of Thanksgiving, we headed to downtown Detroit to participate in the Annual Turkey Trot. I figured, might as well keep this running train going. The weather was nice and I had a fun time running with my friends. I beat all my previous records and broke 10 min/mile on the race timer! 9:55 min/mile at the end. I had a total time of 30:10. My phone armband fell off three times during the race so I had to stop to pick it up, otherwise I think I could have shaved off 10 seconds and been under 30 min. There’s always next year!

After we got home and had time to recuperate, I had lunch with Na and Ian before taking a nap at home. At which point I woke up late, and headed to my parents house for Thanksgiving dinner and some much needed family time. Sarah and John showed up after some time and we all hung out for a bit before I headed home.

Saturday I had a get together for my friends that were still hanging around in the area. It’s always great to get everyone together, drink, and catch up on life and enjoy each other’s company. I had a chance to try out my new fire pit too! It was really great to see everyone and I hope to see you all again at my New Year’s Eve Eve party!


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