Noel Night & New Friends

I’m a social creature by habit, and I always enjoy meeting new people. It’s definitely a lot more challenging to find new friends after college, but if you take some initiative and gather your courage you find that opportunities do arise. Downtown Detroit has a lot more interesting events than I’ve ever known. Thanks to Ian, we got to experience the 44th annual Noel Night.

I was invited to a dinner party, and so I made some dessert (Lemon Bars) to supplement the meal. Was a fun and delicious night. I always enjoy meeting new people and making new friends.

Noel Night is something I’ve never heard of. Ian sent me a message Saturday afternoon and asked if I wanted to go. I’m always down to experience new things, so I affirmed my attendance. We headed to midtown and saw some big spotlights. Taking that to be where the event was, we headed in that direction. When we approached the spotlight, we realized this was not where the bulk of the activities were. We stopped by Hopcat on our way back and had some beers while we waited for LaTonya to join us.

After we finished our drinks, we headed to the main area of the Noel Night outside the Detroit Institute of Art. Since all the museums were free we headed into the DIA to peruse the artwork. We luckily got in before they were at capacity. They had a new exhibit about Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate called Bitter|Sweet that we went to view. I haven’t been in the DIA in years, so it was really nice to be able to see all the exhibits with some friends.

It was a nice night to be walking around midtown with friends and taking in the sights.


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