Kalahari for Garrett’s birthday

Kalahari is a place I’ve heard great things about. Some of my friends go there every year for Colossalcon. I’ve been meaning to go, but haven’t had an opportunity; so when Lindsay told me they were going for Garrett and Savannah’s birthday and invited me, I jumped at the chance.

It was kept very warm inside, and given the February weather, I was pleased about it. We started our stint at the park with the Rippling Rhino, a 4-person raft slide.

Throughout the day we went on a few other slides, and hung out in the wave pool as well. The Tanzanian Twister, affectionately called “The Toilet Bowl”, was an interesting experience. Definitely disorienting when you emerge from it. Was a lot of fun though.

I was first to go down the toilet bowl

Followed by Garret, then Will, then Jac

After a bit, we all went our separate ways and explored the park. I made my way to the swim up bar which was in the adults only hot tub, that connected outside. Lindsay and Will met up with me, and we hung out in the freezing cold while safely protected by our hot tub and cold beverages.

After we had our share of the water park, we had dinner and retired to our room. The boys unwinded by heading to the arcade for a bit. But eventually we all regathered to play some Cards Against Humanity.

It was a great time, and I can’t wait to go again. Especially since they added a bunch of new slides to an outdoor park. More reason to go in the summer, but going during the winter was definitely an experience.


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