First time in Shanghai

I was informed that my language skills and technical prowess were requested for a business trip to China. It was my first time to China and I was excited at the prospect. While there isn’t much that I did outside of work, we did eat delightful food the nights we were there with some sightseeing on the last day.


I managed to convince my boss to take a selfie with me from our Comfort+ seats. He had never been across the Pacific, much less China. So this was to be a trip of firsts for all.

Upon our arrival we were driven from the airport to our hotel, but first we stopped at a bar for some snacks and drinks. There was a band playing, and the live music was great.

After the first day’s work, we went to a outdoor mall that served soup dumplings. I was told by my family and friends that the soup dumplings in Shanghai are definitely something we had to try. So I suggested it to our hosts and we were taken to a lovely little shop.

For lunch the second day, the company we visited provided lunch for their workers. We were given the same lunch.


On our final night there, we were taken to the Bund for a bit of sightseeing. We went to eat at Harvest Festival. I wish I could remember the names of half of what we ate and what it was called, but I suppose these pictures will have to suffice.

Afterwards we took a stroll around the riverwalk area, and took in the unique skyline that is the Bund.


The skyline was beautiful. I hope to see it again.


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