2018 is here

As my title states, 2018 is upon us.

I made one new year’s resolution last year, and it was to leave the state once a month. Aside from a handful of cheesed trips, I successfully accomplished that goal! (I’ll update this post with links as I finish my blog posts)

January: Cincinatti
February: Indiana, Shanghai, & Sandusky
March: Washington DC
April: Point Pelee National Park
May: Houston, Indiana, Orlando
June: Turkey
July: Pittsburgh
August: Ohio for Camping & Ultimate Frisbee, Indiana (again!), also went to Kingston for work!
September: Windsor
October: New Orleans
November: Appalachian Mountains
December: Akron (My Birthplace)

One thing I noticed, was I got behind on posts real fast. I had too many pictures to sort through, and pare down. And I just wanted to share all my pictures! That wasn’t really conducive for prompt, on-time posts. So my goal this year is to keep up with my posts! My proposed posting schedule is Wednesdays at midnight. If a lot happens one week, then an additional post may appear on Saturday!

My second resolution was to challenge myself to make my own curry spice blend. From scratch.

I’ll still be catching up last year’s activities while moving forward with this years.

Thanks for reading!



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