A state park, an art project, and a national park

When I was a child, I visited Point Pelee National Park with my parents very often. Often enough that I remember the boardwalk area explicitly. Since Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary by giving away free Canadian National Park Passes, I decided it was time to revisit one of my childhood haunts. In addition, I’ve heard about the Heidelberg Project in Detroit for years now and I took this past weekend to finally pay it a visit with Kathy.

Before all of that though, I spent Friday after work with Ian at Maybury State Park. He had recently gotten a longboard and wanted to practice some more. It was a lovely day, slightly chilly but not uncomfortably so. Perfect for a stroll through the park. The trail was pretty hilly, but it was really nice for longboarding. Well paved and slightly windy as well. I don’t have a longboard nor do I know how/want to, so in lieu of that I wore my Heelys and joined Ian.


Saturday morning, I met Kathy at the Heidelberg Project. This was the last weekend before the Heidelberg Project was going to change the exhibit. We perused the exhibit for a couple hours before meeting Ian at Traffic Jam & Snug for lunch.


After lunch we headed to Windsor to pick up Na, then headed to Point Pelee National Park. A couple weeks before our visit, 125 hectares of marshland was burned in a fire. I wanted to see how much that affected the park, it was definitely interesting to see. I was amazed at how much I remembered from when I was a kid. It was very nostalgic, and I was happy to share it with such good friends.



I had expected more greenery at Point Pelee, so I’m thinking a visit later in the summer to see how things change is in order. Maybe in August when my schedule doesn’t seem as jam-packed.


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