Deadmau5 Concert & Easter Weekend

I’ve known of Deadmau5 for a long time; but I have never really listened to his music. But given his renown, I wanted to see him when he came to town. Steve brought up the concert and I immediately jumped on the idea. By the time I got around to buying main floor tickets, they were sold out by a matter of hours. I resorted to Stubhub and when I received my ticket, I realized the tickets I had purchased belonged to my friend Josh. It was quite the coincidence. The world never stops showing me how interconnected we all are.

Our group decided to all met up at Jacoby’s for some food and drinks before the concert.

We headed to the Fillmore after we had our fill.


I had brought my camera, but they said no cameras at all for this show. So I had to run back to the car and drop it off before going back in. I definitely missed the opening act, but I was told he was really good.

Deadmau5 performed on a cube screen stage contraption. It was amazing. The two bottom sides were 9 screens each, but each screen could be actuated to move laterally and vertically independent of each other. It was amazing. The show was good, the crowd was mediocre, but I was in good company.

Deadmau5 has a vested interest in video games. It’s well known he loves playing Rocket League. He even has his own DLC for the game. It was really awesome to see the Rocket League part of his set.


All in all a really fun concert with some good friends. I have been having nostalgia for some slurpees from 7-Eleven so I convinced everyone to walk to the nearest one. It’s a remnant from the many Sundays in high school where me and friends would play Ultimate from after dinner until it was too dark to see the frisbee. We’d stop by 7-Eleven afterwards and grab slurpees and just loiter around until we had to go home.



Sunday I had Easter dinner with Lindsay and Will, as is become tradition. I brought dessert again, as I have for the past few times I’ve attended. I made tarts from scratch. It was quite fun and delicious. I always have a great time getting to spend time with them. Lindsay classically makes pasta shells with red sauce, or white sauce; and as always they are delicious.


And so my adventures continue.


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