Knight’s Steakhouse

The first time I heard about Knight’s steakhouse was from a friend who treated himself after a particularly long night of research. Kevin suggested treating me to a dinner at Knight’s in Ann Arbor last year for my birthday. I declined. We recently decided to go get dinner one night, and he suggested steak. I suggested we finally check out Knight’s.  We gathered some friends and made our reservation.

Dante, LaTonya and I met beforehand to hang out, and also grab lunch.

We met up at Knight’s in the evening with Kevin and his two friends. I had a delicious french onion soup to start and finished with a delicious New York Strip. The food was delicious, though I think it was a little expensive. It’s also possible I just don’t eat at enough steakhouses to really appreciate the differences.

After the meal, we headed out to Old Town to finish the night off. We took the Reserved sign that was on our table at Knight’s, and placed it on our Old Town table because we’re mischievious children.

It was a great night with friends after a pretty nondescript two weeks. But there’s plenty on the calendar coming up to look forward to.


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