Ellen’s Birthday

So Ellen’s Birthday was this past Friday and originally there was no plan for her to be around for us to celebrate. However she had some kind of meeting or whatnot nearby and decided to visit for the weekend so that we could celebrate her birthday together!

Semi-relevant is that my old tablet is pretty defunct at the moment. I bought myself a new Nexus 7 32GB to replace it and it is fantastic. It’s smaller than my old Transformer Tablet which was 10″ and slightly too bulky to easily carry around places. At 7″ it’s very portable and has great utility for the things I am using it for. If it had built-in 4G that would be the cherry on top, but I’m pretty satisfied being able to use my phone as a wifi tether when it’s not freaking out. Only 1 more year until I can replace this thing…


Back to the matter at hand, for her birthday Ellen wanted to go to a Korean restaurant. Dante had to work, so John and I met my cousins at Korean Palace in Sterling Heights. The food was delicious and while I tried the other dishes that Sarah and Ellen ordered, I only ordered one thing. The thing I always get at Korean establishments because my love for Bi Bim Bap is unparalleled. I seriously want to get a hot stone bowl so I can make this at home myself.

After a delicious dinner, we headed back to my place and gave Ellen her gift. It was a 16GB Nexus 7! She loved it; she’s never owned a smartphone or tablet before, so all those fun apps like Snapchat, Instagram, etc. are now available to her. She was extremely excited and literally downloaded Snapchat as soon as the tablet was finished updated. It was a great birthday celebration, and I’m glad we got to see each other and spend it together!


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